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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

2017-2018 Academic Year

The tuition and fees for the 2017-2018 academic year were set by the Board of Trustees at the February 2017 meeting. Outlined below are those fees.


Fall 2017

Spring 2018



$ 21,280.00

$ 21,280.00

$ 42,560.00









Activity Fee





$ 27,620.00

$ 27,620.00

$ 55,260.00









**The housing charge is for a regular double occupancy room. See below for other housing charges.

Matriculation Fee/Readmission Fee: A one-time matriculation fee of $185.00 is paid by all matriculating students for administrative and processing costs. Readmitted students are also required to pay a $75.00 readmission fee. Both are non-refundable.

Application Fee (Non-Refundable)


Readmittance Fee


General Deposit


Payable upon receiving notice of admission to assure a place in the enrolling class, $200.00 will be credited to the first semester general fees for matriculating students. For students accepted for the first semester, entrance deposits are required by May 1. For students accepted for the second semester, entrance deposits are required by November 15. Entering students who cancel enrollment after May 1 and prior to August 1 for the first semester and after November 15 and prior to December 15 for second semester will receive a partial refund of $50.00. Partial refunds will not be made after August 1 and December 15 for the respective semesters. See Refunds section for details regarding return of the general deposit to students who have already been enrolled.

Textbooks and Supplies: There are no standard fees for textbooks and supplies. However, every student must plan to purchase such items in addition to the expenses listed above. Books and supplies range from $900.00 to $1,000.00 per year for the average Albion student.

Summer 2017 Tuition and Fees

Other Educational Fees  (per semester, where applicable ) - 2017-2018

Tuition: Each 1/4 unit (below 3 units or above 4.5 units)


Late Enrollment Fee: First Day


Each additional day


Tuition for Auditors (per 1/4 unit)


Equestrian - Group Riding Lessons


Equestrian - Individual Riding Lessons


Off Campus Study Program Application Fee


Off Campus Study Administration Fee (per semester)


Non-college Housing Fee (per semester)


Music Fees

Private Music Lesson Fees

Music Lesson fees - 1/4 unit (1/2 hour lesson per week)


Music Lesson fees - 1/2 unit (1 hour lesson per week)


Students declaring a music major (and demonstrating this intention by being enrolled in the music classes appropriate to the music major curriculum) will receive at no additional cost up to 1/2 unit of private lessons per semester. All other students must pay the full applied music fee for lessons.

Refunds: Students who drop private music lessons after the drop/add period will receive no refund. Students dropping lessons during the drop/add period will be charged $50.00 per scheduled lesson.

Board Fees: (2 semesters unless otherwise indicated) - 2017-2018

Residential Block Meal Plans

Enjoy carry-out, dine-in and late-night dining at Baldwin Cafe, The Eat Shop, Read Between the Grinds and The Dub Box (take out is available in lower Baldwin provided you have an Albion College approved take out container).

15 Block Board Plan - includes 15 meals (card swipes) per week that can be used in Baldwin Cafe, The Eat Shop, The Grinds and the Dub Box with carry-out options; $100.00 Dining Dollars ($50.00 per semester), and 4 Guest Passes


18 Block Board Plan - includes 18 meals (card swipes) per week that can be used in Baldwin Cafe, The Eat Shop, The Grinds and the Dub Box with carry-out options; $150.00 Dining Dollars ($75.00 per semester), and 4 Guest Passes


21 Block Board Plan - includes 21 meals (card swipes) per week that can be used in Baldwin Cafe, The Eat Shop, The Grinds and the Dub Box with carry-out options; $300.00 Dining Dollars ($150.00 per semester), and 4 Guest Passes


Commuter - 75 meals (card swipes) per semester


Commuter Purple - 100 meals (card swipes) per semester


Commuter Gold - 125 meals (card swipes) per semester


Weekender Meal Plan - 5 meals (card swipes) per weekend


Students who feel they are in need of any special accommodations with the Board Plan should contact the Office of Residential Life.

Deadline for changing a meal plan selection with the Residential Life Office is 5:00 pm on the tenth class day of each semester. 

***The Fees below are Housing Fees only and do not include the cost of the Meal Plan. The Meal Plan is an additional cost.

***All Housing Fees are for Regular Double Rooms unless noted.


Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall (Double Room w/roommate)


Wesley Hall (Single Room)


Wesley Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)


Seaton Hall

Seaton Hall (Double Room w/roommate)


Seaton Hall (Single Room)


Seaton Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)


Whitehouse Hall

Whitehouse Hall (Double Room w/roommate)


Whitehouse Hall (Single Room)


Whitehouse Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)


Mitchell Towers

Mitchell Towers (Double Room w/ roommate)


Mitchell Towers (Single Room)


Mitchell Towers (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)


Fiske House

Fiske House (Double Room w/roommate)


Fiske House (Single Room)


Fiske House (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)


Ingham Hall

Ingham Hall (Double Room w/roommate)


Ingham Hall (Single Room)


Ingham Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)



Students who do not live in the Residence Halls (Fraternity Houses, Apartments, Dean Hall and Commuters) are not required to purchase a College Meal Plan. However, residents of these buildings may purchase a meal plan including the Weekender and Commuter meal plans.


Double Room w/roommate


Double Room w/single occupancy


Power Suite



Dean Hall

Dean Hall (Double Room w/roommate)


Dean Hall (Single Room)


Dean Hall (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)


Burns Street Apartments

Burns St Apts (Double Room w/roommate)


Burns St Apts (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)


Burns St Apts (Efficiency w/roommate)


Burns St Apts (Efficiency Efficiency as Single Occupancy)


Burns St Apts (Family Living per month)


Briton Apartments

Briton Apts (Double Room)


Briton Apts (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)



507 Erie Street Apartment

507 Erie Street (Double Room)


507 Erie Street (Single)


507 Erie (Double-Single - double room used as single occupancy)



416 Erie Street Apartments 

416 Erie Street (Double Room)


416 Erie Street (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)


Mae Harrison Karro Residential Village (The Mae)

The Mae (Double Room w/roommate)


The Mae (Single Room)


The Mae (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)



Munger Annex

Munger Annex (Double Room w/roommate)


Munger Annex (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)



Munger Apartments

Munger Apartments (Double Room w/roommate)


Munger Apartments (Single)


Munger Apartments (Double Single - double room used as single occupancy)



Special Fees

Albion 1Card ID replacement


Automobile Registration (per Year)(All Students)


Replacement of lost room key


Replacement of lost Mail Box key


Diploma replacement with cover


Special student admission (non-refundable)


CLEP Credit

1/2 Tuition


Financial Aid

Albion College offers need-based financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and student employment. Sources of funds include Albion College scholarships, grants and work; private sources; and State of Michigan and federal grant, loan and work programs administered by the College. To apply for need-based financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA may be completed online at www.fafsa.gov. The Albion College Student Financial Services Office will develop a financial aid package based on the FAFSA information. The package may include a combination of grants, scholarships, loans and work. Students have the option of accepting all or part of the aid awarded. Albion College also offers a number of academic scholarships to incoming students. Students who qualify for an academic scholarship receive notification from the Admission Office.

While we do everything we can to assist students with financial need, it is important to remember that, at Albion, we believe the primary responsibility for financing your education lies with you and your family. In awarding need-based aid, the College requires that each student and his/her parent(s) contribute funds toward the cost of the education.

Information about loans, scholarships and work opportunities may be secured by contacting Albion’s Student Financial Services Office. Entering first-year students applying for financial aid are urged to make their requests by filing the FAFSA by February 15 of their senior year. The deadline for the State of Michigan scholarship/grant program is March 1. For maximum consideration, Albion academic scholarship applications must be received by February 15.

Need-Based Aid Renewal

You must reapply annually for need-based financial aid. Based on available funding, aid usually continues at the same level each year, unless there is a change in your financial situation.

Satisfactory Progress Policy

The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended by Congress in 1980 and reauthorized in 1992, mandates that institutions of higher education maintain minimum standards of “satisfactory progress” in order for students to receive financial aid. Albion College makes these standards applicable to all need-based institutional awards, Federal Pell Grants, federal campus-based programs, Federal Direct Loans, Federal PLUS Loans and State of Michigan awards in order to maintain a consistent policy for all students receiving assistance. To satisfy satisfactory progress requirements, a student must maintain a minimum G.P.A. each semester, complete a required number of units each year and complete degree requirements within a determined number of semesters. An Albion College student is eligible for the equivalent of eight full-time semesters of financial aid. Students enrolled in the teacher certification program or the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) program may be required to attend one additional semester. These students will be given nine semesters of aid in which to receive their degree/certificates. Students who do not complete their degree in eight semesters (or nine for teacher certification or B.F.A.) may not be eligible for additional financial aid.

A full-time student is one who is enrolled for at least 3.0 units each semester. A half-time student is one who is enrolled for at least 1.5 units per semester. Students carrying fewer than 1.5 units will be considered a quarter-time student. Semesters in which the student is enrolled exclusively for a one-unit internship, or summer semesters in which the student is enrolled for one unit, do not count toward the maximum semester limitation as indicated above. Other part-time semesters will be equated to full-time semesters. Students planning to enroll part-time should notify the Student Financial Services Office.

All full-time semesters for which the student is enrolled in the College are counted in the eight-semester limitation (nine semesters for teacher certification or B.F.A.) even if no financial aid was received. Semesters in which the student enrolled and attended any classes will count in semesters attended, including semesters in which a student withdraws or takes a leave of absence.

Grade point average (G.P.A.) and units completed are reviewed for satisfactory academic progress at the end of the spring semester. Students must maintain the following cumulative average and units completed:

1.00 with a minimum of 3 units completed at the end of the first semester at Albion College;

1.62 with a minimum of 6 units completed at the end of the second semester at Albion;

1.75 with a minimum of 9 units completed at the end of the third semester at Albion;

1.81 with a minimum of 13 units completed at the end of the fourth semester at Albion;

1.90 with a minimum of 17 units completed at the end of the fifth semester at Albion;

2.00 with a minimum of 21 units completed at the end of the sixth semester at Albion;

2.00 with a minimum of 25 units completed at the end of the seventh semester at Albion;

In addition, regardless of the cumulative grade point average, a student who fails to obtain a minimum 2.0 G.P.A. for three consecutive semesters is not considered to be making satisfactory academic progress for aid renewal.

Transfer Students–Class standing of transfer students will be considered according to units transferred in. For example, a student who is deemed to have first-semester sophomore class standing upon entrance will be eligible for six semesters of Albion College financial aid.

Notification–The Student Financial Services Office will notify any student qualifying for financial assistance who does not meet minimum satisfactory progress and is being terminated from aid. Following the spring semester, notices will be sent electronically to the student’s Albion e-mail account and any other e-mail on record with the registrar, and such notices will be considered delivered.

Regaining Eligibility–A student who has insufficient units to qualify for aid may be considered eligible for aid only when enough units, including incomplete courses, have been completed to make up the unit shortage. Unit credit may be transferred in, but G.P.A. will be affected only by courses taken at Albion College. The academic year will be considered to commence with the first day of classes of the fall semester and continue to the first day of classes the following fall, thus allowing the possibility of reinstatement of aid eligibility over the summer term. If a student had mitigating circumstances that prohibited him/her from meeting the standards, the student may submit an appeal. Appeals must be made in writing to the Student Financial Services Office, and they will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee prior to the start of the semester in which reinstatement of financial aid eligibility is requested. Examples of mitigating circumstances include: illness, change of major, unexpected hardships and death in the immediate family.

Academic Withdrawal--See the Academic Regulations  section of this catalog for academic status and withdrawal information.

Albion College Academic Scholarship Renewal

Academic scholarships are renewable annually provided students maintain the required yearly grade-point average and are in good personal standing with the College.

Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain superior academic performance while at Albion College. To renew a Distinguished Albion Scholar award, a Trustee Scholarship or a Presidential Scholarship, a student must maintain an annual grade point average of 3.00. To renew a Webster Scholarship or a Briton Award, a student must maintain an annual grade point average of 2.50. Recipients of a Heritage Award must meet the minimum satisfactory academic progress standards outlined above.

Grade point averages and units earned are reviewed at the end of the academic year by the Student Financial Services Office. A student’s first year of college is often the most challenging. Therefore, students are encouraged to seek the advice of their faculty adviser while making decisions regarding their class schedule. Eligibility to retain an academic award will require the annual G.P.A. or a written plan of action from the faculty adviser regarding the issues surrounding a student’s G.P.A.

Student Employment

Campus employment is available to help students meet expenses. The Federal Work-Study program is available for students who show financial need, based on analysis of the FAFSA. In addition to on-campus Work-Study positions, there are positions available off-campus in the community of Albion that are funded through the Federal Work-Study program. Students who are not eligible for the Federal Work-Study program may receive an Albion work award. Earnings from student employment are paid directly to the student by payroll check each month; the amount earned is not credited to the student’s account.

The Student Employment Office has a listing of on- and off-campus jobs that are available for everyone (Work-Study and non-Work-Study students). Jobs are also listed online at www.albion.edu/studentemployment. This listing includes job description, qualifications needed and rate of pay.

International Scholarships and Fellowships

Information on prestigious national and international scholarships and fellowships is in the Academic Programs section under Academic Honors and Awards.