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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Studies Minor

Requirements for Minor in Educational Studies

This interdisciplinary minor is designed for students who have a broadly defined interest in the field of education (e.g., youth development and learning; sociocultural theory applied to schooling, families and youth; youth subcultures; comparative education; fine and dramatic arts pedagogies; public education policy; environmental education; pediatric health; recreation and athletics; museum or community-based education). The minor in educational studies can benefit students who are interested in making unique connections to their major area of study as well as students who are interested in exploring careers in education. Many graduate programs and career paths such as museum studies, public policy, counseling and sociology recognize the value of academic preparation in the field of education.

Students who participate in the educational studies minor are not required to be admitted into the Shurmur Center for Teacher Development/Teacher Education Program. The minor in educational studies is a generalized study of the field of education and does not lead to teacher certification. Students who complete teacher certification at Albion College are not eligible for the minor in educational studies.

  • A minimum of five units of course work including one unit in foundations of education (EDUC 202 ), one unit in human development and learning theories (PSYC 251 , PSYC 253, or Educational Psychology), completion of an internship or practicum (EDUC 203 , EDUC 382  or EDUC 398 ) and a minimum of two or two and one-half units of electives constituting a curricular focus. A current list of sample elective courses is available in the Education Department and is also maintained on the department website at www.albion.edu/education/.
  • Please note:EDUC 202  and EDUC 203  are accompanied by a field experience in the public schools and requires completion of (1) Albion College criminal history check form, (2) Internet Criminal History Access Tool search, and (3) Albion College educational/judicial records check.
  • Students must receive prior written consent from the Education Department to apply a directed study or course that is not from the recommended list toward completion of the educational studies minor. Requests should be sent directly to the chair of the Education Department.