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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Secondary/K-12 Certification

Secondary/K-12 Certification

Albion offers programs leading to Michigan certification at the secondary level (grades 6-12) in the subject areas listed below and K-12 certification in French, German, Spanish and music.

The following are options for secondary teaching majors and minors:

Earth Science/Geology
Political Science
Social Studies (major only)

Students accepted for secondary and/or K-12 certification must:

  • Complete a teaching major of at least eight units;
  • Complete a teaching minor of at least five units;
  • Complete a sequence of pedagogy courses, including EDUC 338 /EDUC 339  or EDUC 348 /EDUC 349  or EDUC 358 /EDUC 359 ,  EDUC 373  and EDUC 397 ;
  • Complete all other requirements as specified by the Education Department.

Pedagogy course(s) note: Students with a humanities (English, French, German, Spanish) major and minor take EDUC 339 ; students with a social science (history, political science, psychology) major and minor take EDUC 349 ; and, students with a mathematics/natural science (biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, mathematics) major and minor take EDUC 359 . Otherwise, students with major and minors split between humanities, social science, and/or mathematics/natural science take the appropriate combination of EDUC 338 , EDUC 348  and EDUC 358  for one unit total. Music students take pedagogy courses in the Music Department. Students should consult with their Education Department adviser to ensure they are taking the correct pedagogy courses.

Secondary/K-12 Certification Program

First Year - Fall

Sophomore Year - Spring


* May be taken either fall or spring semester.

** Discuss appropriate course(s) with Education Department adviser. Music students take pedagogy course work offered through the Music Department.

*** EDUC 396  required for K-12 certification; EDUC 397  required for secondary certification. Course meets intermittently during the spring semester and intensively during three weeks in May, requires residence on campus, and is part of spring registration.

**** K-12 certification requires  EDUC 371  in addition to EDUC 373  for French, German and Spanish majors. Course offered fall semester only.

*****History and political science major and minor require EDUC 349 .

Course descriptions and prerequisites are listed under the respective departments. Numbers in parentheses indicate units of credit awarded. Students apply for formal acceptance and admission into the teacher education program during their sophomore year, after completing EDUC 202 . If a student desires to do off-campus study, the ideal semester to do so is the fall of the junior year.