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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, B.A.

Requirements for Major

Eight Units in Biology, Including at Least Five Courses with Laboratory:

At Least One Course from Each of the Following Two Lists:

Additional Requirements

  • The remaining units needed for graduation can come from the above courses or from any other Biology course.
  • Students should select other courses for the major in consultation with Biology faculty members. Students planning to go to graduate school in biological fields are strongly encouraged to take more than the minimum 8 units for the major.
  • MATH 120 OR MATH 141  OR MATH 209 , or their equivalent, is required unless a substitution is approved by the department chair.
  • Two units of chemistry unless a substitution is approved in advance by the staff. The biology faculty strongly recommends that CHEM 152 and CHEm 154 be taken to satisfy this requirement. CHEM 101 , CHEM 107  and CHEM 200  do not fulfill this requirement.
  • Further study in chemistry, physics, geology and mathematics is recommended and encouraged.
  • All biology courses and cognate courses must be taken for a numerical grade, except those offered only on a credit/no credit basis.
  • No more than one unit of internship credit (BIOL 391 , BIOL 392 ) can count toward the major. No more than one unit of seminar (BIOL 401 , BIOL 402 ) and no more than one unit of directed study (BIOL 411 , BIOL 412 ) credit can count toward the major.
  • Biology 190 (given only for AP credit) does not count toward the major.
  • A senior examination must be taken for assessment purposes.
  • It is expected that six of the eight units in biology be taken at Albion College. Other arrangements will be made for bona fide transfer students and students in approved off-campus programs.