Oct 15, 2019  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

Course Numbering System

The following lists include all courses normally offered at Albion College. However, not all courses are offered every year. When possible, courses offered in alternate years are designated. For details, students should consult the Class Schedule for each semester, available online at: www.albion.edu/registrar. The College reserves the right to add or withdraw courses without prior announcement, as conditions may require.

Unless otherwise stated, 100 level courses are intended for freshmen, 200 level for sophomores, 300 and 400 level for juniors and seniors.

A list of courses which meet the core and category requirements, organized by departments, is available online at www.albion.edu/registrar.

Further information may be obtained at the Registrar’s Office in the Ferguson Student, Technology, and Administrative Services Building.



Initial course placements in mathematics and computer science are generally determined by the Mathematics Placement Test. After students take their first course, they must take courses in sequence as determined by the departmental prerequisites. Any exceptions must be approved by the course instructor and department chair.

   •  MATH 100: Mathematics Essentials
   •  MATH 104: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
   •  MATH 119: Finite Mathematics for Decision Making
   •  MATH 120: College Algebra
   •  MATH 123: Mathematics for the Liberal Arts
   •  MATH 125: Precalculus
   •  MATH 127: Trigonometry
   •  MATH 141: Calculus of a Single Variable I
   •  MATH 143: Calculus of a Single Variable II
   •  MATH 209: An Introduction to Statistics
   •  MATH 239: Discrete Structures
   •  MATH 245: Multivariate Calculus
   •  MATH 247: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
   •  MATH 250: Problem Solving Seminar
   •  MATH 299: Colloquium in Mathematics and Computer Science
   •  MATH 309: Mathematical Statistics
   •  MATH 311: Regression and Time Series Models
   •  MATH 313: Financial Mathematics for Actuaries
   •  MATH 316: Numerical Analysis
   •  MATH 326: Operations Research
   •  MATH 331: Real Analysis
   •  MATH 333: Complex Analysis
   •  MATH 335: Abstract Algebra
   •  MATH 342: Geometry
   •  MATH 345: History of Mathematics
   •  MATH 349: Advanced Linear Algebra
   •  MATH 360: Mathematical Modeling
   •  MATH 368: Topology
   •  MATH 370: Partial Differential Equations
   •  MATH 375: Introduction to Solid Mechanics
   •  MATH 380: Mathematical Physics
   •  MATH 399: Colloquium in Mathematics and Computer Science